Plyometric Power

Jun 17, 2013
Plyometric Power

Discussing Plyometric Training and a workout Program to try for yourself

Developing Power is a goal that everyone should in fact have. If we look at what the definition of Power is it helps to understand what must be done in order to become powerful. Power mean- Force x Velocity. So what does that mean?
Force means the load or weight and velocity of course means the speed at which you move that load. If you want the body to become all around powerful then Plyometric exercises and fast movements such as Olympic lifts and exercises done with the resistance bands should be done in order to have your body become powerful.
In the below video I discuss the best ways to incorporate Plyometric exercises into your program and also give you a plan to follow and try for yourself. Good Luck!

Week 1
Day 1
Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
Dot Drill (Front to Back) 3 5 Plyometrics
Box Jumps 3 10 Plyometrics
Depth Jump 3 6 Plyometrics
Two Legged Broad Jump 3 5 Plyometrics
Jump Rope 5 30 Cardio
Power Skips 3 25 Plyometrics
Jump Squat 3 8 Legs
Adductor Side Steps 3 15 Legs
Standard Push Ups On Ground/Power Push Up 3 10 Chest
Barbell Bench Press On Bench With Band 3 30 Chest

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