Plyos For Your Bootay!

Jul 02, 2013
Plyos For Your Bootay!

Make Plyos one of your daily routines to maximize the effectiveness in the gym.

Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts!

These are all the best exercises you can do to get into phenomenal shape and put strict emphasis on your butt/glutes. Even if you are a true hardcore gym goer who knows these are the staples that will give your backside a firm understanding of shape and form, there may be some things you can either add or incorporate into your workout.

What should you add?

Plyometrics are designed to enhance performance, power and an explosive amount of energy when doing them. Plyos call on the bigger stronger muscles (Fast Twitch) to come into action in order to work through this type of training. These bigger muscle cells are the ones that look the best as well. So if your goal is to tone and shape your backside, then Plyos are a great way to help.

The one thing about plyometric training is that they are a terrific way to start your workout and or incorporate into an already existing plan. With the exertion of energy you can incorporate plyos (moderate) in between sets of the exercises you are doing for your workout. Using this technique of jumping, bounding will incorporate the cardio acceleration principles (made famous by Dr. Jim Stoppani) which can have Fat Melting and Muscle building results.

Here are some basic plyos that you can start now.


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