Power Up- Chest and Triceps Super Workout

Feb 28, 2012
Power Up- Chest and Triceps Super Workout

Watch and download this Massive Chest and Triceps Super Feature Workout

Jonathan Williams is back again with another super feature workout where he takes you through a running program outlining each exercise and the techniques and points of focus to concentrate on while executing the workout. Below walk through each phase of the plan and download the workout program by clicking on the link below.


Machine Chest Press

Chest Fly

Lying Triceps Extension

Reverse Triceps Extensions

How to get the Workout

Step- 1

Login or sign up by creating your plan or logging in at the top


Click on the WORKOUT tab at the top of the page

Step- 3

Click to the right under More Workouts (Hardcore, Hers, Men, Sports, or Over 50 workouts) and scroll until you see Power Up Chest and Tris Super Workout

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