Push and Pray

Oct 28, 2011
Push and Pray

Training Made Simple with Lisa Robins

Push and Pray…


By Lisa Robins


Don’t let wimpy weights get you down. Strong, sexy fitness girls train like athletes… Heavy weights, volume sets and back to basic moves that build muscle and curves in all the right places.


Wishing to control more weight and actually doing it are two different ideas. While we strive to perform better and more efficiently, doing the work effectively is what truly separates the silver from the gold.


If you are training the same body parts, using the same amount of weight, your muscles will not have the opportunity to acquire the size and strength gains that resistance training is so well regarded for. Increasing weight selections as your strength increases is crucial to keep your muscles begging for more growth.


Employ some of these ‘heavier lifting’ tips to blast your muscles to a new dimension.


Use Machines:

By pushing fixed equipment, you will be able to control heavier repetitions. While free weights are ultra-effective in recruitingmuscle fibers, without a spotter, heavier sets can get sloppy and ineffective. Machines provide a safer ground for solo training when experimenting with heavier weight.


Increase Weight with Sets:

After each and every set, add manageable weight as your muscles begin to peak. Small increments at a time, without decreasing repetitions will create volume sets, which increase size and stamina.


Use a Spotter:

If you don’t have a trainer, grab a friend or workout partner to spot and help you keep heavier sets both effective and safe. Most commonly used with free-weights, spotting allows you to push more weight while sticking with dumbbells, which recruit an exceptional amount of muscle fibers.


Drop Sets:

Go heavier and finish lighter. Perform your first reps of a set with a weight selection that will not allow you to perform no more than 6-8 reps. Cut the weight down and take it to the end of the 12-15 count rep set.


Be Consistent:

Lifting heavier, alone, is not going to change your body. Consistency is the key to any successful training routine. Commitment to your lifting schedule and your nutrition are key to making positive changes to any physique.


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