Question: When Should I Workout?

Aug 09, 2011
Question: When Should I Workout?

More like "When should you not workout?"


When you notice your belly hanging over your pants like a muffin top or you begin to have extra chins. Oh I’m sorry...I thought the question was: When should I START working out?

Although the above answer does apply, hopefully you have started exercising before this. If you have not then we are here to help. When should I workout? This is a triple sided question…if that actually exists.


The above answer is true but the actual answer is RIGHT NOW!!! Stop stop stop, put the water bottle down, I mean read this article first and THEN go workout because like they say “ there is no time like the now time.” I hope no one actually said that because that is a horrible quote but it is appropriate. Do not start tomorrow or next week, those are the wrong times.

Guaranteed, if you keep putting exercise off then losing weight, feeling good and being healthier will start putting you off. That’s right, they want nothing to do with you if you are not putting in the effort.


The question can also be asked by what time of day is the best time to workout? People who workout in the morning tend to be the most consistent since their workout is the first thing they do in the day. They do not have to worry about distractions or interruptions that happen as the day progresses.

Noon people have the benefit of being fully awake for a few hours as well as having more calories to use for energy. Studies also show that for short-term explosive movements that it is better to workout in the afternoon for optimal results. Problem is most people do not have a long enough lunch break to accommodate a full workout. Evening people are the most common since it is usually after work that most people head to the gym.

Hormone levels and body temperature peak in the evening for most people so that is also a great time to get the most out of your workout. The problem with evening is the distraction of everyday life and making time to get your exercise in. The most accurate answer to the question would be: The best time to workout is whenever you can, just find the time and do it.


When should I workout, cardio or weights first? A study done at Brigham Young University showed that cardio exercise done before weight training showed better Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption (calories burned after you workout) than weights before cardio.

On the other hand you have more energy at your disposal if you lift weights first and cardio second. And as we all know the more muscle you build the more calories you expend when exercising or at rest. Oh you didn't know that, well now you do, building muscle helps to burn fat. Ultimately the best solution is to lift weights and do cardio on different days if possible. Check out the article on Interval Training by yours truly to see how doing cardio AND weights together might be the best yet.

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