Questions for The Doctor of Fitness- Jim Stoppani

Mar 22, 2011
Questions for The Doctor of Fitness- Jim Stoppani

a Lil Q and A with Jim Stoppani


Hi Jim!
Hope you have been well. I recently upgraded my supplement stack to Universal Real Gains, Jack3d, L-Leucine and finally Beta Alanine. What do you think about this stack for adding more muscle mass and size? Also, can you please recommend the right times to consume these products to attain the best gains along w...ith its servings? Thank you so much!


Hey Asad - hope you are well. I like the stack. Although one could argue that leucine is the more critical of the 3 BCAAs, since it is the one that turns on muscle protein synthesis, the other 2 (isoleucine and valine) also provide critical benefits when they are taken together. In fact, one study compared results of taking just leucine or all 3 BCAAs and found better results with all 3 BCAAs. So when the leucine runs out I would suggest replacing it with a BCAA supplement.

When to Take

At any rate, I would take the Real Gains along with leucine (or BCAAs) first thing when you wake up in the morning. About one hour before workouts take the Jack3d. Then, if your goal is to pack on mass, 30 minutes before workouts take the Real gains, leucine, and beta-alanine. Within 30 minutes after workouts take another scoop of Real Gains, Leucine and, beta-alanine. And right before bed take the Real Gains (since it contains casein) and leucine. One final note - since Jack3d already contains beta-alanine, you could save money by not buying extra beta-alanine. Let me know how it goes!

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