Stop Thinking- Start Doing

Apr 25, 2011
Stop Thinking- Start Doing

Lisa Robins asks you the questions.....whats your excuse for not getting in shape.


By, Lisa Robins

M&F Trainer Expert


What’s your excuse? Lack of time, commitment, mental clarity, energy; All common roadblocks of over-thinking your motivation.


The best way to fight fitness obstruction, it to stop thinking about the how ‘s and when, and just go; breaking free of fear, failure and dependency on expensive gym equipment or time.


In this “back to basics” workout, you will be challenged to face yourself, alone, in or outside of the gym, using your body weight for resistance…No cutting-edge moves or machines, just you, your muscles and your mind.


Training Tip:

If pull-ups are new to you, you can use an assisted weight on a pull-up machine, or even a chair or bench under your feet to push off of. When you pull up, exhale and use your back for strength. In addition, you can use your knees on the floor to modify the pushups.


Do complete this workout in the order in which it is written. Beginner’s can go 1-2 times around, advanced participants can challenge the workout 2-3 times.


Mandatory Warm-up:

Moderate cardio of your choice, 10-15 minutes


Narrow Grip Pullups: 15 Repetitions

Execution:  Arms are shoulder-width apart, palms facing outward in an over-hand grip.



Pushups:  20 Repetitions

Execution:  Keep hips in line with your spine, abs tight, push up and exhale as you squeeze your chest and shoulders.


Jump Rope: 2 minutes


Wide Grip Pull Up:  12 Repetitions

Execution: Arms are wider than your shoulders an with palms placed in an over-hand grip.


Incline Pushups:  15 Repetitions

Execution:  Upper body is higher than your lower body. You can place hands on a workout bench or platform with feet on the floor.


Jumping Jacks: 2 minutes


Reverse Grip Pull Ups:

Execution:  Place your arms are shoulder-width apart, palms are facing you.


Decline Pushups:  12 Repetitions

Execution: Your lower body higher than upper body. You can place feet on a workout bench or platform with your  hands firmly placed on the floor.


Jump Rope: 2 minutes


Core Circuit:

Training Tip: 

When holding plank position, keep your abdominal muscles pulled-in tight and keeps hips in line with a neutral spine to unload your low-back. If it is too challenging, lower to your knees and push up again when ready.


Plank:  Hold 1 minute

Crunches: 30 repetitions


Plank: Hold 1.5 minutes

Crunches: 20 repetitions


Plank :2 minutes

Crunches: 15 repetitions


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