Success At Any Age

Jun 09, 2010
Success At Any Age

No matter what, having an excuse is NOT an Option

How many pushups can you do in under a minute? 20, 30, 40,...How about 100?

Push up KING Sonny Pecora picks out the biggest guy in his gym and asks them the same question, then puts his money where their mouth is.

At the youthful age of 68, Sonny is definitely the exception to the rule when it comes to fitness at any level or age group. You can definitely tell he is motivated, even his cell phone ring is the theme song to Rocky. However, Sonny doesn't just attribute his fitness and routine to pushups. His Workout consists of a High intense Training session that includes pushing weight guys half his age are capable of.

What Does He Do?

Just a few examples other than his 3 sets of pushups to failure (which by the way is his way of a warm up) are Hanging leg Raises, Concentration curls, 140 lb. Machine Chest Flye, Leg Press, 60-80 minutes on the elliptical machine, and 85 lbs. DB Bench Press, where Sonny talks about keeping his back flat unlike other guys arching and letting their butt come off the bench.

We got together with Sonny and his philosophy is one to be shared. "I want everyone, from kids to the Baby Boomers out there to look at what I do and say to themselves, if a guy like me can do that than they can too. I want to be the Modern Day Jack Lalanne for my generation, and others that follow. I want to be a tool for everyone to use for staying fit and getting healthy, so I have to make sure I don't rust and stay polished. My Main objective is to help others and the best way I can is to walk the walk even at 68."

Pretty Popular

It's pretty obvious he is a celebrity within the Thousand Oaks Spectrum Club community. Everyone from the staff to the members know him by first name, and he is definitely the main attraction when he trains. He spends 2-3 hours at the gym every day and a 1/3 of that time is spent motivating others and helping them with form and technique. "All I got is time, and what better way to spend it than by helping others get Healthy. I train right and I eat right but I'm just a regular guy. I eat out, but I make sure I go to places like Sharky's Wood Fired Mexican Grill restaurant. It's a healthy easy selection of food where they have a Naked Healthy Menu that gives me the option of things people eat every day like fish taco's, Shrimp Burrito's, but without the fat, or preservatives."

Sonny wasn't always a Health nut or someone who was blessed with genetics. He started really training right only a few years ago. His family has a history of Diabetes and his belief is that as long as he keeps his motor running he won't suffer the same fate. He constantly preaches to people half his age to take up fitness at some level and is a prime example that at any age, it's NEVER too late.


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