Super Setting

Oct 06, 2008
Super Setting

Learn how to Super Set CORRECTLY


Super setting exercises and body parts is a great way to spike your Target Heart Rate and burn more calories than just executing one exercise at a time. Super setting means to continuously go from one exercise to the next without rest in between the two sets for each exercise. The only rest time is when you finish the set for each exercise you are Super Setting.

For example let’s say you are working shoulders and back together. In doing so you are doing a Military Press, Side Lateral Raise, and Bent over Row as your exercises. If your sets are all 3 sets of 10 you would do the first set of 10 reps for the Military Press, move quickly to Side Laterals, and finish up the Bent Over Row before you rest. Once you finish the first set take 30-40 seconds rest and finish the rest of the sets and reps.


Cardio is very important when you are looking to shed the fat, but it is important to do the best type and make sure that you do it at the right time. Most of us understand that the best time to do cardio is in the morning on an empty stomach, but like most of us if you cannot do cardio in the morning you must do it after you do resistance training. The reason why is quite simple. You should use most of your energy performing the most extensive type of Training which is resistance training. Also doing cardio after resistance training promotes spot reducing of body fat which means that the fat is being allowed to be burned more efficiently.

So now that you know when to kick start the cardio session it comes down to what is best. The best type of cardio is to try and get on a machine or type of aerobic activity that gets the whole body involved or more that just one part. Research shows that if you must choose a machine, it is best to get on that Treadmill and get to work.

Got the Facts? Good!

So now you have the steps, and now we want to give you the direction. Here is a great program to work through the FAT BURNING CYCLE.

Workout 1

(Legs, Chest, Abs)
Band Squat/ Ball Squat - 3x10
Leg Curl/ Static Lunges - 3x10
DB Bench Press/ Cable Fly’s - 3x15
Ball Crunch/ Leg Lifts on Ground- 3x10

Workout 2

(Shoulders, Back, Arms)
Military Press/ Side Raise/ Front Raise - 3x8
DB Bent Over Row/ Upright Row/ Lat Pull down - 3x10
Seated Cable Row/ Bicep Curl/ Triceps Extension - 4x15

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