The Barbell Overhead Squat Workout

Jun 15, 2013
The Barbell Overhead Squat Workout

Here is a complete guide to one of the most difficult exercises, The Barbell Overhead Squat

The Overhead Squat!
Obviously this is one of the most advanced and difficult exercises one can perform. The benefits of this movement are dramatic and effective, especially in the core, lats, and legs. The one thing about this movement is that it requires a lot of technique and guidance to understand precisely how to do it.

In the below video I cover a few different variations to help you progress to the level of being an expert and seeing the benefits of this movement. The workout program below is an example of how to structure this exercise within a workout for massive results and a killer leg workout. Depending on your level of expertise swap in the Overhead Ball Squat with the workout program lusted below if you are not at the level of performing it free standing.

The Videos

The Workouts

Week 1

Day 1

Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
Barbell Overhead Squat 3 10 Legs
Barbell Squat With Band 3 30 Legs
Barbell Front Lunge 3 5 Legs
Dumbbell Straight Legged Deadlift 3 8 Legs
Standing Barbell Military Press 3 10 Shoulders
Standing Dumbbell Side Raise Both Arms 3 6 Shoulders
Tri-Set 0 0 TIPS
Standing Dumbbell Front Raise Alternating Arms 3 6 Shoulders
Tri-Set 0 0 TIPS
Standing Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise Both Arms 3 6 Shoulders

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