The Busy Mom

Jan 20, 2010
The Busy Mom

Are you going crazy with the duties of a Busy Mom? Try this

The Average Day To Day

If your days are overwhelmed with school drop-offs, house chores and after-school shuttling to and from every “kiddie” activity under the sun, you most-definitely fall victim to skipping workouts and forgetting how important it is to take care of yourself. Every so often, us busy moms must put the brakes on, give ourselves an internal self-check and realize that we truly need time for ourselves.

What better way to spoil yourself than to be fit, healthy and strong? The more you are committed to your workouts, the more energized and productive you will feel every day to conquer the many demands of being a great role model for your children. In this workout, it’s not about time or duration, but rather quality and intensity. Follow these 5-simple moves that can be done at home, in 30-minutes or less, to get super-energized and toned!


A Resistance Band, Towel or Exercise Mat and YOU!/p>


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**Complete 30-repetitions of each exercise. If time permits, go through the workout 2-3 times.

1) Bow and Arrow:

Target Zone: arms, back, core, and legs.
* Standing with feet together, hold one end of the resistance band in each hand. Extend your arms in front of you, shoulder level and palms fowards.
* Lunge back with right leg, knees bending 90 degrees and left arm extended. Right elbow straight behind you so that the band is pulled tight and upper body rotates to the right. Switch sides to complete the remaining sets/reps.

2) Squat & Lift

Target Zone: arms, core, butt, and legs.
* Stand hip-width apart inside the looped resistance band around your calves and one hand on the hip (start with the right).
* Squat, keeping knees behind your toes, with your left hand touch the floor by your left foot. Stand up lifting left leg straight out to the side as you switch as your left arm is extended in front of your body. Stop when your left arm is over your head. Repeat on the other side for the remaining sets/reps.

3) Back & Butt Squeeze

Target Zone: arms, back, core, butt
* Stand with shoulder-width apart. Hold the resistance band around each wrist (band wrapped around the wrists).
* Extend your arms in front of you at shoulder level, elbows slightly bent out to the sides.
* Squeeze your glutes everytime you press arms out to the sides, stretching bands as far as you can. Hold. Repeat with the remaining reps/sets.

4) The AX

Target Zone: abs, hips, butt, legs
* stand with left leg in front of the right. Have the looped resistance band around your calves. Extend your arms clasped together overhead.
* Squat slightly while bringing arms down and across your body to your hip, rotating your upper body to the right.
* Straighten your right leg as you rotate back to the center, lift your arms overhead and extend your left leg forward. Return to the squat and do the remaining reps. Switch sides; repeat.

5) Circle Crunches

Target Zone: Abs and thighs
* Lie facing up on the floor with hands behind your head, elbows out legs lifted, knees bent 90 degrees.
* Have your legs inside the resistance band loop around your thighs. Crunch up and circle your upper body in a clockwise direction while pressing your thighs outward against the resistance band.
* Try to do the remaining 10-15 reps, without lowering. Switch directions and repeat remaining sets/reps.

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