The Core Workout

Feb 19, 2013
The Core Workout

If you want a great Core workout then this is your solution

When you are training for abs and or working to strengthen your core, you can be somewhat limited to what you currently have in your workout. Technique is another critical component of any program especially one that focuses on your core. Fortunately I give you a structured plan that incorporates many different movements that you can do that will help strengthen your core.

In the below videos I lay our a structured set of videos that help you understand the technique involved and an actual workout program written specifically for you to work on your core.

Using certain equipment such as a stability ball with other exercises that focus on other muscles groups is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. In other words you can still work on the muscles you intend on training while simultaneously strengthen your core.

The Squat- It is be default not just the best exercise to do for your legs, but putting a barbell on your back can dramatically increase core strength because the spine is supported by all the core muscles that force you to keep good form and allow you to hold the barbell in place.

Here are the exercises with detailed instructions on how to perform each movement correctly

The Barbell Squat

The Overhead Squat

The Db Front Squat

Shoulder Press on stability ball

Seated On Ball Biceps Curl


Barbell Sit Up

Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
Barbell Squat 3 8 Legs
Overhead Squat 3 12 Legs
Dumbbell Front Squat 3 10 Legs
Seated On Ball Dumbbell Military Press Both Arms 3 15 Shoulders
Seated On Ball Bicep Curl Dumbbell Both Arms 3 15 Arms
Plank 3 30 Abs
Barbell Sit Up 3 10 Core

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