The "I Cant Move After"-Workout

Aug 17, 2011
The "I Cant Move After"-Workout

This plan was responsible for a 2 day cant move or walk around easily result

So I just started my Month 52 ...yes month 52 of my custom plan on the Trainer. I built this darn thing the way I would want to use it in my own life, so yes I do my own workouts and follow the plans just as many of you do, or at least i hope you do. Each time I enter a new workout that pops up in the system I sometimes doubt myself and second guess the plan before i start it.

Did I put enough time and consideration into this workout? Did I miss anything? What will the users think etc...Bottom line is its hard to manage 126 different profiles and have workouts release each month for those profiles in a periodized structure. I constantly question my ability to manage so much and so many. I spent 8 years writing many of these plans so its hard to remember all the work that actually went into each one, and my natural tendency is to question everything, even my own work at times. I am constantly humbled each day by the users of the trainer as you guys seriously give me so many great ideas that have allowed for this thing to grow to the level it is today. I only have you to thank. So with the uncertainty I have at times, as I'm sure many of you always have with so much fad "The best way to train" plans and programs that are being thrown at all of us all the time, I just want to provide a quality product that services your needs. I try to write each one with time and effort and thought of precisely who will be using this workout, and more importantly HOW will it give them the intended results.

But I can honestly say that every now and then when I can't move the next day even after years of training and writing my own plans, I am surprised and a sigh of relief trickles in. So If I find a particular plan or routine that my own system spits out at me, I try and make it available for Everyone. I understand not everyone who uses the Trainer does my personal profile workouts because my goals might be different from yours. Either way this one is a Legs and Shoulder Plan I did the other day and let me tell you....typing this right now isn't easy as my shoulders and especially my legs, are extremely sore. The key with this plan is that you push as much weight as possible. There are not too many sets that have a high volume of reps involved so weight is more critical than knowing for sure you can get that 6th or 8th rep on the last set. If you only get 4 reps, rack the weight, take a few seconds and then finish. Just make sure to push yourself but execute proper form and technique.

So good luck and as always create your own plan and follow it on the Trainer. If you all have any questions ask me in my Q and A at the top and check out some of the Workout 101 Videos under the video category. Maybe I already answered some of your questions in one of them.

Take care guys.
Mike McErlane

Week 1
Day 1
Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
Run/Walk 1 Mile 1 1 Cardio
Box Jumps 3 12 Plyometrics
Jump Squat 3 15 Legs
HIIT Training 1 2 Cardio
Barbell Deadlift 3 3 Legs
Power Clean 3 3 Olympic Lifts
Barbell Squat 5 8 Legs
HIIT Training 1 2 Cardio
Barbell Walking Lunge 5 8 Legs
Dumbbell Straight Legged Deadlift 5 8 Legs
Jump Rope 1 30 Cardio
Seated On Bench Barbell Military Press With Band 5 8 Shoulders
Tri-Set 0 0 TIPS
Standing Dumbbell Side Raise Both Arms 5 6 Shoulders
Tri-Set 0 0 TIPS
Standing Dumbbell Upright Row Both Arms 5 8 Shoulders
HIIT Training 1 2 Cardio
Standing Barbell Shrugs 5 15 Shoulders

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