Tone your Thighs and Shape those Buns

Sep 18, 2008
Tone your Thighs and Shape those Buns

Don't be afraid to pick up the weights. We show you what to do to tighten that Butt

It’s okay to train with weights!

So many women are constantly trying to firm and tone their lower half that they spend countless hours doing cardio, sitting on those “useless” Adductor or Abductor machines, or listening to the hype that if Women train with weights they will look like those women bodybuilders.

Listen up ladies, the fact is, you MUST train with weight, and push yourself just as the guys do in the gym if you want to look better, shape and tone your body and lose the pounds you have been struggling with.

Women are estrogen based, NOT testosterone. With this simple genetic difference women’s ability to grow big and bulky muscle as the guys do is just not the case. The genetic make-up of women supports a long lean tone defined muscle structure, not big, hard, dense looking muscle. The gals you see flexing their Pecs and biceps on stage actually take Testosterone based additives to help give them that desired physique. So as long as you’re not pumping your muscle with pure testosterone, you’ll be just fine pushing the heavier weight. If you are still against it or don’t think that I am correct, take a look at the girl in the videos below. She squats 225lbs and weighs only 126lbs. Does she look big and bulky? Didn't think so.

So what do I do now?

Well now hopefully you an get over the mind warp of thinking that pushing the weight will make you big and bulky, so now the question is, what do I do. Well here are tow easy exercises to help shape up those buns and tone those thighs.


Pretty easy to say but can be difficult to execute. I would first suggest that a beginner especially a female start with the simple Ball Squat-. Place the stability ball against a wall or secure base and position it on your lower back. Step out about 2 feet so that you are leaning against the ball. Place you hands on your hips and squat down parallel to the floor. But if you don’t have a ball start out with using the bands first. Remember that you must go all the way parallel for this exercise to really be effective. Don’t just go half way.

Band Squat, How To!

Adductor Side Steps, How To!

This is the king of shaping the outer thing and Glutes. Take the Bodylastic Resistance Bands and step evenly onto the band. Make sure your feet stay straight ahead and start stepping. See the video for a demonstration.

Well there you have it, a few simple techniques to help you get that body moving. Don’t forget, utilizing the weights is essential for you to get into great shape.


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