Triple Time Toner; Part 1

Jun 01, 2011
Triple Time Toner; Part 1

Get Tone and Fit

Triple Time Toner: Part 1

Are you a multi-tasker, always on the go, and looking for the most efficient way to spend your precious time at the gym? Maybe you don’t have time to spend an hour lifting weights, another hour in yoga, and even more time doing your cardio. These 3 exercises are just what you need to add to your workout for the most results in a short amount of time! These moves are designed to sculpt, tone and strengthen your whole body, while increasing flexibility, balance, and stamina!

1. Turbo Burpees: 5 x 1 min each

This exercise is a combination of three powerhouse moves- a squat jump, tuck jump, and push up. Begin standing, legs apart and abs tight. Squat down as low as you can, then launch yourself into the air reaching your arms for the ceiling. At the highest point of your jump, tuck your legs up toward your chest. The second you land the jump, hop down to the ground to push up position and perform 1 push up.

* This exercise increases speed and power in your legs, tones your lower abs, and strengthens your chest and triceps! Plus, this high intensity exercise melts fat off your whole body!

2. Curl and press scissor jumps: 3 x 20

Begin in a deep left leg runners lunge (front leg bent at 90 degrees and back leg straight), holding a heavy dumb bell in each hand down at your side. Keeping your hips low and legs tight in the lunge, perform a bicep curl and shoulder press with the weights, then bring them back to starting position. Jump into the air switching your legs, landing in a right leg lunge. Repeat.

*This triple time exercise will tone your butt and thighs, stretch your legs, as well as sculpt your arms and shoulders. Plus, you will burn max amount of calories performing this exercises non stop for high reps!

3. Push up position row and kickback: 3 x 15 each arm.

Being in a firm push up position, facing the ground and holding a dumb bell in one hand. Keep your abs squeezed tight and shoulder blades pinched as you pull the weight up to perform a row. Hold the weight up and pause for 3 seconds, keeping your elbow up, arm close to your body and hips squared to the ground. Then extend your arm back pulling through your tricep so the weight extends toward your hip. Slowly bring the weight back to the lifted row position and then lower the weight back down to the ground. Repeat.

* This exercise firms your abs for a toned stomach and great balance, as well as builds strength in your upper back, biceps and triceps.

Never waste time at the gym again just doing crunches or sitting on the bike. Your body is so dynamic and capable of endless types of movement. So pick up your intensity, and don’t be afraid to try new exercises! Try these triple time toning exercises and see how well your body responds!

Team SciFit
Chelsea Cruz

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