Try This On For Magical SIZE and GAINS To Your GOAL!!!

Mar 11, 2008
Try This On For Magical SIZE and GAINS To Your GOAL!!!

Learn and follow a great routine for women that can change any dull and boring program into something magical that will get you to your goal faster than EVER!!

Training in your current routine getting you DOWN, or should we say not giving you the sizable gains you once achieved in the beginning? You’re stagnate, bored, and don’t know what to do, right? Chances are you are asking the wrong people or not getting the advice from well versed professionals.

Yes we know, you’re never going to ask any of the Trainers in the gym, and we don’t blame you. Many or should we say MOST of them hardly look like they ever stepped into a gym, let alone would be the personnel to help you out. Most of us have all been in this rut and look to others for advice, or the MAGIC program that will make the difference. Well, Abracadabra friends.

We have got it for you. "Right Before Your Very Eyes We Will Mystify You and Give You 2, Yes 2 Magical Recipes' To Help You Get Ahead In Your Current Program."

A few added things

Women who are looking to lose pounds and tone their bodies need to understand a few things. One, just doing Cardio will not work. Two, just rounding the gym and jumping on the Thigh machine and doing a few Bicep Curls is not going to cut it either. Research shows that doing 1 hour of actual strenuous resistance training burns twice as many calories than an hour of cardio. In all honesty, there is no reason to do an hour of cardio unless you are planning on training for a small marathon.

Executing 20-30 minutes of intense running or elliptical training where you are in your Target Heart rate for that amount of time will burn just as many calories than an hour of steady cardio. One of the most important things to remember is in order to get the full benefit of your session, you should perform cardio post-workout ( after your resistance training routine), or early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Final Steps

Now that the cardio is complete and understood, you should take note of the types of exercises and routines you should do while in the gym. Make sure that when executing these exercises all of them are done as a super set and executed with the higher reps. The reason is simple. If you keep up the intensity, and stress the muscles for a longer period of time, you will soon achieve optimal results in no time. Time under tension is the amount of time the muscle is activated under stress.

The longer the muscle works, the more calories/fat you will burn. The formula is simple…..So here is your 4 week Program! The way you must do this program is to super set the muscle groups which are labeled in the appropriate colors. Once you finish a muscle group you move onto the next set.

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