Why everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Jan 12, 2009
Why everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Yes, you do need a little help

Would you perform a root canal on yourself?

I know what your saying "geez that sounds a little extreme," but it really isn't if  you think about it. The body you are inhabiting right now is the only one you'll  ever have so why wouldn't you treat it the best way you can. 

You wouldn't cut your own hair would you? When was the last time you took an airplane on vacation and in the middle of the flight you went to the pilot's cabin, took the controls and said to the pilot "Alright Captain I've got this one, you just  go back to my seat and have a cocktail?" You wouldn't do these things would you? Would you perform Lasiks Surgery on yourself? OUCH, that last one almost makes me cry just writing it.

The reality!

I know none of you would actually do any of these things, so why not look for help when it comes to your BODY??? As I mentioned earlier this is the only body you've got. You have probably had more than one car in your life and more than one job, lived in more than one house in your life and I really, really hope you have had more than one pair of underwear. 

From cradle til grave  this is your only body. You NEED to treat it well! You NEED to go to the experts. Not knowing what you're doing in the gym could lead to injury or heaven forbid WASTING YOUR TIME!!!

What is really going on?

I can see all of the e-mails flowing in right now commenting about how much more important not injuring yourself working out is than wasting your precious, valuable time. Time that could be spent with your family or watching your favorite show or even going to your favorite fitness website "WorkoutTrainer.com cough cough."

You are probably right, but injuries in the gym and health clubs are usually rare, that's why they created workout machines, to make exercise safer. The time you waste at the gym you can NEVER get back. That is time spent working and sweating, so don't you think you should be getting the maximum benefits. How many times do you see that person at your local gym who has been working out at the same time doing the same thing forever and with very little to show for it.

Do you want that person to be you?

Worse yet after their hard workout they swing by Dairy Queen for ice cream or pick up a burger and fries at their local fast food place to "reward" themselves. REALLY???

 Your "reward" is  your smaller dress size the way the mirror looks back at leaner more toned you or even when your friends and relatives see you and say "have you lost weight because you look great?" Come on, you know you love that last one! Now what are you waiting for? Get some advice and get to earning those "rewards!"

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