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Chris grew up in northern New Jersey where everyone seems to be tough and have muscles, so as a kid he was naturally drawn to weight lifting. In high school he was active in athletics but was always one of the smaller guys; so like many of us he started working out as a means to improve athletics.

It wasn’t long until working out became the athletic endeavor of choice. From his basement to the high school weight room, to the local YMCA, to the hole in the wall gym to the big chains, working out has been an everyday part of his life since 1988 (high school).

Simply “working out” developed into competitive bodybuilding for Chris, and he has competed in more shows than most have even been to which culminated in an NPC National Level Win at the 2010 Team Universe.

Nutrition and supplementation have played a key role in getting me to where he is today, and over the years he was lucky enough to meet lots of great people in the industry including the guys at BPI Sports, where Chris now works as the East Coast Operations Manager.

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