Navigate To Better Results

Aug 08, 2012
Navigate To Better Results

Navigate your Way to Better Arms and A Better Body

When training arms, it is just as important to know and understand the benefits and reasons for the exercises you are performing just as much as actually doing them is.

With anything done in the gym, EVERYTHING has a purpose.

I see so many individuals who mimic things they see others do because they either do not know what to do themselves, or simply think the person they are copying has the physique that either they want, or that the person must know what they are doing. With all the self proclaimed experts in the gym these days, its hard to know whom to trust and even if they "think" they know, chances are they have no concept of what actually does in fact work.

Lets face it, I myself have friends and colleagues who are just gifted genetically and sure, they train hard and look great, and think they know whats best, but realistically they know diddly squat.

The one body part I see most trained in the gym is the arms. Everyone is an expert at training arms. LOL. I hear it every single day. The discussions of what routines work best and how one persons methods are the "way to go" is amazing. I find it entertaining to say the least, because the reasons these folks in the gym come up with as to why their methods work are not just misinforming, but ridiculous. The amateur explanations even make the "Bro-Science" justifications seem like they are backed by research.

Arms are the area that seem simple enough and of course everyone wants nice looking arms. However, to this day I still see people making all the mistakes in the world when training such a "simple" body part. Yes, simple as in the thinking that all you must do is curl some weight and in no time your gonna have Streamlined pipes and Hollywood Toned arms.

I can honestly say that it is not so "simple."

My Building Better arms workout Program has been the most popular downloaded workout program on the website and thousands of users are seeing great results. Why? Well its "simple" (no pun intended). The reason is because I take strict protocols when writing these workouts especially when there is an end goal that must be achieved. The combination of exercises, the order, sets, reps, and variations are all considered when you are following this program and others on this site. Of course my biggest rule is to KNOW THE TECHNIQUE before you attempt to throw weight around. Whether its to prevent injury or better your results, technique is extremely important and can either limit your results or enhance them dramatically.

This is one reason why I do the Workout 101 videos.

These videos are there to help you understand HOW to perform these exercises correctly, and what you should be aware of when you train. Having the knowledge of this is much like knowing how to drive a car vs. just thinking all you do is step on the gas and you're off. You need to know what controls do what in order to offer the best performance to get you from point A to Point B in your destination.

The body is no different and the workouts I write are strictly outlined so that when you follow them, its like having a navigation system in your car. All you do is learn how to drive your body the right way, follow the program, stay safe, avoid distractions and I will get you to your goal safely and effectively in a timely manner, just as that Garmin or Tom Tom Navigation will. Below is a video that helps explain a super set that is outlined in the building Better Arms 4 Week Guide which can be found in the workout section in the members area of the site. Give this program and the other workouts a test drive and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me on facebook or in my Q and A. I hope you all enjoy.

Take care,
Mike McErlane

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