The Box Squat Superset

Mar 22, 2016
ExerciseSetsRepsMuscle Group
Machine Leg Press Both Legs320Legs
Abductor Side Steps315Legs
Power Clean32Olympic Lifts
Barbell Deadlift32Legs
Box Squat With Bands120Legs
Barbell Squat With Bands310Legs
Superset with00TIPS
Prone Machine Leg Curl Both Legs312Legs
Standing Calf Raise315Legs
Standing Dumbbell Military Press Alternating Arms With Band315Shoulders
Standing Barbell Upright Row38Shoulders
Superset with00TIPS
Standing Cable Side Raise Both Arms315Shoulders
Standing Dumbbell Front Raise Both Arms310Shoulders
Standing Upright Rear Delt Raise With Band Alternating Arms320Shoulders
Superset with00TIPS
Standing Shrugs With Band320Shoulders
Superset with00TIPS
V-Ups With No Equipment320Abs
Laying on Ball Abdominal Crunches Hands by Head320Abs
Ball Passes On Ground320Abs

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