Workout 101-Sports Specific Workout

Dec 03, 2015
Mike McErlane shows how simple and intuitive the Workout Trainer application can be for finding great workouts pertaining to your own goals! 

ExerciseSetsRepsMuscle Group
Box Jumps310Plyometrics
Power Clean35Olympic Lifts
Barbell Squat35Legs
Dumbbell Squat310Legs
Abductor Side Steps310Legs
Prone Machine Leg Curl Alternating Legs415Legs
Barbell Bench Press On Bench With Band38Chest
Dumbbell Bench Press On Bench Both Arms310Chest
Standing Bicep Curl Dumbbell With Band Both Arms415Arms
Standing Kickbacks Both Arms With Band420Arms
Standing Bicep Curl Dumbbell With Band One Arm312Arms
Standing Cable Tricep Extension One Arm315Arms
Laying On Ball Abdominal Crunch With Cable330Abs

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