DHEA- Not Just For Old Guys

Mar 23, 2011
DHEA- Not Just For Old Guys

Stoppanis Says...We Do. thats the bottom line


One of the many supplements that I take every day is Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA is a hormone produced naturally in our bodies by the adrenal glands, the small triangular glands posted on top of your kidneys. DHEA is involved in several important physiological functions within our bodies, which include supporting insulin function, increasing bone density, promoting mental health, and of course serving as a precursor for testosterone.


So why should you take a DHEA supplement?

Because DHEA levels start to decline as we age, which can result in decreased testosterone production, a decrease in energy levels, a decline in brain function and mood, as well as an increase in body fat. But don't think that you're in the clear until you hit your 40's. DHEA levels in the body have actually been found to steadily decline by about 5% per year after the age of 21-24 years old. In addition to this, intense training can also cause a major drop in DHEA levels. Studies have shown that periods of ultra-intense training and physical stress can lead to a severe drop in DHEA and testosterone levels in as little as five days. By supplementing with DHEA, you can help prevent the fall in DHEA levels that occurs with aging and with intense training. This may allow you to train more effectively and recover quicker, ultimately resulting in increased muscle and stength gains, as well as enhanced fat loss.


Research in both animals and humans has found that DHEA helps to reduce body fat.

Studies in overweight adults have reported that not only do subjects taking DHEA experience major losses in body fat, but the majority of the fat comes off the midsection. DHEA helps to reduce body fat by turning on a receptor known as Peroxisome Proliferator-ActivatorReceptor Alpha (PPAR alpha). Activating PPAR alpha works to turn on genes that increase fat oxidation (burning) and genes that decrease fat storage. Research also has discovered that DHEA increases levels of insulin-like growth-factor-I (IGF-I) in the body. This anabolic growth factor is critical for muscle growth. By supplementing with DHEA you can help to add more mass and strength, as well as drop some body fat.


I suggest you take 50-100 mg of DHEA twice per day, such as with breakfast and dinner.



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