Facebook Challenge- Power & Strength

Dec 03, 2011
Facebook Challenge- Power & Strength

We Challenge you to get Powerful and Strong with this plan

Once again I offer up yet another Challenge.

This Facebook Challenge workout will test you and also help you to improve your overall Strength and Power. I just finished this workout this week and it went fast but I was tired as heck afterwards and felt great. The beginning part of a workout is where you are able to improve and excel/increase your ability to produce power. Because the body has the most readily available energy in the first phase of a program you want to train specific power type movements before you get into the more heavy lifting that requires a lot of strength to move the weight. A good analogy is trying to sprint a 100 meter after you already ran an 800 meter run. Your times would be much slower if you did this in that order. The same can be said when you train.

The body produces work in 3 different types of energy systems.

Think of it as Sprinting vs. the 800 vs a marathon. Your body goes through different energy systems during each. You will always generate the most power and recruit the type 2B fast twitch muscle fibers during the first energy system known as the ATP-CP. This is why the program below has you performing Power, then strength moves.
The objective when you perform the Plyos is to do them in a circuit if you can, moving from Jump rope, to Box Jumps, to Broad jump, then to Depth jump and finally finish with Jump rope again. If you cannot do all these in this circuit, that is okay. Just follow the plan with about 45-60 rest in between each set. The goal is to keep moving. I hope you all enjoy and leave me feedback.

Take care,
Mike McErlane

Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
Run/Walk 1 Mile 1 1 Cardio
Jump Rope 3 30 Cardio
Box Jumps 3 10 Plyometrics
Circuit Training 0 0 TIPS
Two Legged Broad Jump 3 10 Plyometrics
Circuit Training 0 0 TIPS
Depth Jump/Drop Jump 3 10 Plyometrics
Circuit Training 0 0 TIPS
Jump Rope 3 30 Cardio
Circuit Training 0 0 TIPS
Barbell Deadlift 3 3 Legs
Barbell Overhead Squat 3 5 Legs
Barbell Close Grip Bench Press with bands 3 15 Chest
Standing Incline Chest Fly With Band Both Arms 3 20 Chest
Bent Over Cable Crunch 3 25 Abs

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