High Intense Abs

Dec 03, 2013
High Intense Abs

Need a Guide to get amazing abs? This is the Training Program that helps Zane Get Ripped for His Physique Shows.

Step one to getting the abdominal muscles you always wanted will most certainly be based on a sound diet -- one that will help you reduce bodyfat! Step two is having a training routine that will adequately supplement your nutrition program and push your limits.

Here is an example abdominal routine that has really helped me shed bodyfat and discover my abs!

The key with this routine is to push yourself! Make sure to focus on the muscle group you're training and do your best to ALWAYS engage your core! I take very little rest periods in order to emulate HIIT (high intensity interval training training). In between each isolation abdominal exercise, I like to incorporate a core exercise immediately followed by some cardio/plyometric work. For example, crunches followed by a plank variation and then box jumps. The cardio exercises are to be performed speedily, but not too fast that you lose proper form and risk injury.

So this suggested training circuit is broken down into 5 sections. Three sets of Ball crunches (followed by core and cardio/plyo), three sets of carble crunches(followed by core and cardio/plyo), three sets of hanging leg raises (followed by core and cardio/plyo), three sets of Russian twists (followed by core and cardio/plyo), and three sets of decline crunches (followed by cardio/plyo).

Only rest long enough between sets to ensure that when you do your next exercise you maintain the integrity of that exercise and don't hurt yourself. Try holding the planks for 1 - 2 minutes. If it's too easy, do elevated planks or have a spotter place a weight on your back.

Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
Laying On Ball Abdominal Crunch With Dumbbell 3 20 Abs
Plank 3 0 Abs
Box Jumps 3 15 Plyometrics
Bent Over Cable Crunch 3 15 Abs
Side Plank 3 0 Abs
Jumping Lunge 3 20 Legs
Hanging Leg Raise 3 15 Abs
Side Plank 3 0 Abs
Jump Rope 3 60 Cardio
Russian Twists 3 20 Abs
Plank 3 0 Abs
Jump Squat 3 15 Legs
Decline Crunch 3 20 Abs
Box Jumps 3 30 Plyometrics

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