Train With Me- Legs and Shoulders

Feb 21, 2012
Train With Me- Legs and Shoulders

A great Legs and Shoulders workout that I am actually doing. Try it yourself

Today is going to be Legs and Shoulders. Every now and then I try to make the effort to allow you all to get a glimpse of my actual training program that this system, my system, The Workout Trainer gives me. Coming from Month 63, Day 1 Week 1 this intense plan is what I have in store. Many Power movements are incorporated with my particular plan to help with the performance aspect of my training schedule.

Power movements have been shown to be a great way to not only generate Power, but overall performance. What does that mean? Well, basically it means to be able to move in any setting much like an athlete does. I never like the feeling that I am limited because of age, injury or any other excuse so I train to compensate for what others make excuses for. The difference is that to have success with a program like this you first must understand the techniques involved so you CAN be successful and not cause injury. If you have never had a good schooling in how to Deadlift, Clean, or squat then I encourage you to watch all the videos in my Workout 101 video series HERE first before you undergo this program. As always PLEASE leave me feedback and sing up and start using the Trainer as I do. I promise no matter what type of training protocol you are currently doing, give these plans a 2 week test drive, as you won't be sorry.

Until then
Take care,
Mike McErlane

Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
Jump Rope 1 120 Cardio
Jump Squat 3 10 Legs
Box Jumps 3 10 Plyometrics
Barbell Deadlift 3 4 Legs
Power Clean 3 4 Olympic Lifts
Box Squat with Bands 3 8 Legs
Barbell Squat With Band 3 8 Legs
Prone Machine Leg Curl Both Legs 3 15 Legs
Dumbbell Straight Legged Deadlift 3 12 Legs
Tri-Set 0 0 TIPS
Standing Dumbbell Military Press Both Arms With Band 3 10 Shoulders
Standing Dumbbell Side Raise Both Arms 3 8 Shoulders
Standing Dumbbell Front Raise Alternating Arms 3 8 Shoulders
Laying On Ball Abdominal Crunch With Cable 3 30 Abs
Reverse Crunch/ Leg Lifts 3 20 Abs

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